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History of Pongman Golf Company

This company was started back in 1990 as a Golf Range where we sold used clubs, new clubs, and classic clubs (vintage).  It was a big risk for me as I borrowed some funds from my bank and began implementing a concept I believed would work.

Ping Golf and the USGA had just reached a settlement on irons Ping had been making since 1983, the Ping Eye Two.  At the time it was the most popular club ever produced, Ping made thousands and thousands of sets and sold all over the World. There was a lawsuit filed by the parties and the question was the legality of the grooves on the iron.  They reached a settlement in 1990 and Ping agreed to stop making the Ping Eye Two and so back to the drawing board for Ping.  Their new iron, the Ping Eye Two Plus was manufactured with a groove different than the  Eye Two and in the eyes of the USGA, a legal club. 


So, many people played with that club and no one was going to just drop them and start playing something new.  If an owner happen to break an iron or lose one they were told by Ping they could no longer remake them and that created a very sad golfer!  It was such a forgiving club and people were just shocked by the ruling.  I saw a niche in the golf industry and that was being a supplier for folks who had lost a club or broke one.  We actually started buying ever set we could find on the used market and breaking them down and selling single clubs, especially the seven through the sans wedge.

Ping didn’t like the idea of me being the Ping Guy or Ping Man so I became the Pongman.  Ping would send us referrals, folks that called in looking to try and replace a club or add to their set.  It seemed to be a great marriage, if you will, and Pongman was up and rolling.  Also the older putters Ping made in the 60’s And 70’s were becoming more popular with the Pros and we became a source for those also.

We have had some lucky breaks here and there to get where we are, but hard worked was part of the formula!

We have truly been blessed!

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