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Please note PING now requires a serial number for replacement S55 irons to match your existing set of irons.

PING Golf S55 Irons Sets - Steel Shafts

This compact, multi-material players' iron provides added distance with control while increasing workability and forgiveness. A tungsten toe weight adds forgiveness to improve accuracy, and a stabilizing bar offers distance control. The custom tuning port is made from a thermoplastic elastomer for a soft feel and sound at impact.


Enhanced CTP

The expanded custom tuning port sits lower in the back cavity to promote higher launch, and is made from a thermoplastic elastomer to soften the sound and feel at impact.


Stabilizing Bar

The stabilizing bar is narrower in the long irons to launch the ball higher with greater ball speed. The bar is wider in the shorter irons for a lower ball flight with optimal spin.


Tungsten Toe Weighting

A high-density tungsten toe weight stabilizes the face to increase forgiveness for improved accuracy.

  • Available in Men's
  • Available in Hand: Right & Left
  • Available in Individual Irons: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
  • Available in Steel Shafts: Control Feel Spin
  • Available in Flex Options:
    • Soft-Regular (SR)
    • Regular (R)
    • Stiff (S)
    • X-Stiff (X)
  • Available in Lie Options: NOTE: Please type in the Lie Color Code in the option field. If left blank, then standard lie will be ordered.
    • Maroon - 5° upright
    • Silver - 4° upright
    • White - 3° upright
    • Green - 2° upright
    • Blue - 1° upright
    • Black - Standard
    • Red - 1° flat
    • Orange - 2° flat
    • Brown - 3° flat
    • Gold - 4° flat
  • Available in Length Options: NOTE: Please type in the Length of your club in the option field. If left blank, then standard length will be ordered
    • -1" to +1.5" in length
  • Available in Grip Options: NOTE: Please type in the Color Code of your grip choice in the option field. If left blank, then standard grip will be ordered.
    • Orange = +1/16"
    • Gold = +1/32"
    • White = Standard
    • Aqua = -1/64"
    • Red = -1/32"
    • Blue = -1/16"
ClubLengthLoftLieOffsetBounceSwing Wt.FlexHand
338.75"21º59.25º0.17"D1SR, R, S, XRH/LH
438.25"24º60.00º0.15"D1SR, R, S, XRH/LH
537.75"27º60.75º0.12"D1SR, R, S, XRH/LH
637.25"30º61.50º0.10"D1SR, R, S, XRH/LH
736.75"33º62.25º0.09"D1SR, R, S, XRH/LH
836.25"37º63.00º0.07"D1SR, R, S, XRH/LH
935.75"41º63.75º0.05"11ºD1SR, R, S, XRH/LH
PW35.50"46º64.00º0.03"12ºD3SR, R, S, XRH/LH

These are design specifications that may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.

Lie angle based on Black Color Code in standard-length CFS steel shaft.

Ping S55 Individual Irons - Steel - REPLACEMENT IRONS ONLY

$138.75 Regular Price
$132.99Sale Price

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