PING Trainer Putter

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June 25th, 2012: Possibly the most collectable putters of all time is now available at PONGMAN. The putter known as the PING Trainer has been one of the most sought after due to its rarity and purpose. Said to of been limited to less than 10 made, the Trainer is one of the most difficult putters to aquire.

Karsten Solheim was a marketing genius, and the PING Trainer putter proved it. He designed this putter as a selling aid, taking this putter into proshops and proving his heel-toe weighting concept. By adding removable weights to the heel and toe of the putter, he was able to show how the face twisted during motion.

A wire was added to the back of the putter that would hold a cotton ball dipped in ink. Rolling out a sheet of butcher paper on the ground, Mr. Solheim would then demonstate the path the putter head took, with and without the weights in place. It was very apparent that he was onto something that would change the history of golf forever.

ping trainer weights

ping trainer

PONGMAN is proud to have one in stock & available for purchase. This is one of the best condition trainers available, & includes
contact about trainer putter all original shaft and grip. If you are serious about your putter collection, you have to own this putter. Now is your chance to own one of the ten most prestigous putters ever. CONTACT PONGMAN TODAY!