PING Scottsdale Putters - B

PING Scottsdale Putters - B

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The Scottsdale putters’ thermoplastic elastomer

insert and face applique provide a consistent response for distance control with a soft yet solid feel at impact for making an assured stroke.


Perimeter weighting in every model

provides a high MOI to keep your putts on line. Aiming is further enhanced with high-contrast alignment aids, and a long sightline. This year we introduce seven new models: the Shea, Senita, Tomcat S, D66, ZB S, Mesquite and the Carefree.


SCOTTSDALE® Putter Specifications

ModelRH/LHHead Wgt.BalanceStroke TypeAdj.Type 
Wolverine®RH/LH355 gFaceStraight±2°Conventional 
Anser® 2RH/LH340 gMid HangSlight Arc±4°Conventional
B60®RH/LH340 gMid HangSlight Arc±4°Conventional
Carefree®RH/LH360 gMid HangSlight Arc±4°Conventional
Craz-E Too®RH/LH355 gFaceStraight±2°Conventional
D66®RH/LH350 gToe DownStrong Arc±4°Conventional
Half Pipe®RH/LH345 gFaceStraight±2°Conventional
Hohum®RH/LH360 gFaceStraight±2°Conventional
Mesquite®RH/LH375 gToe DownStrong Arc±2°Conventional
Pickemup®RH/LH345 gFaceStraight±2°Conventional
Pickemup® BRH/LH390 gFaceStraight±2°Mid Length
Pickemup® LRH/LH460 gFaceStraight±0°Long
Senita®RH/LH360 gFaceStraight±2°Conventional
Shea®RH/LH355 gMid HangSlight Arc±4°Conventional
Tomcat®RH/LH340 gMid HangSlight Arc±4°Conventional
Tomcat S®RH/LH355 gMid HangSlight Arc±4°Conventional
Wolverine® CRH/LH370 gFaceStraight±2°Conventional
Y Worry®RH/LH365 gFaceStraight±2°Conventional
ZB®RH/LH340 gMid HangSlight Arc±2°Conventional
ZB S®RH/LH345 gToe DownStrong Arc±4°Conventional
  • These are design specifications that may vary due to manufacturing tolerances
  • Adjustability is based on Black Color Code
  • All Scottsdale putters are available in both RH and LH

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